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About us.

A family company for three generations, Symons is the first Belgian manufacturer of metal door frames. It’s an honour that’s allowed us to act as trailblazers in the industry – a role we have been proud to perform for several years. Our craftsmanship and flexibility within customization has resulted in happy customers with qualitative finished products.

As a customer, your vision is key. Together, we work towards the same goal: perfectly manufactured and placed metal doors and door frames.

Interested in a possible solution for your doors and door frames? Let us know.

Our assets

After-sales service

Tailor-made service


Perfecte execution

Express shipping


Craftsmanship throughout the years.


Henri Symons founded the Symons company. It originally specialised in the production of customized pieces of steel.


Following the fire at the Innovation department store in Brussels and the increased interest in building safety, Symons creates the first fire-rated door frames (RF 30 and RF 60).


Marc Symons takes over the family business, focusing on the development of an innovative and flexible range of products.


Fire test certificate, RF30’ for our metal doors.


Our first two-piece frames are launched. These metal frames were designed to be placed during the final stage and as a result, are suitable for all renovation projects.


Automatisation of the machine park.


Launch of the six-piece frames. Besides our two-piece frames, we now also produce multi-piece frames that can be easily installed and can be placed during the final stage of your project.


Production is automatised, a modern machine park.


Introduction of invisible door frames.


Koen Cassenaer becomes the new CEO of Symons.


Tests: European standardization EI 1.

Excited about our future together.

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Symons BV

Dreefvelden 21
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver

T.: +32 15 62 17 30
F.: +32 15 62 17 20
BTWBE 0400.704.030
E.: [email protected]

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    Etablissements H. Symons

    Brusselsesteenweg 339
    1980 Eppegem

    T.: +32 15 62 17 30
    F.: +32 15 62 17 20
    BTWBE 0400.704.030
    E.: [email protected]