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Our benefits.


Your metal door casing will not shift or move when faced with fluctuations in temperature and humidity.


Your metal door trim gives a contemporary look to any space.


The price of installing a metal door frame is very attractive.

Easily installed

The two-piece welded door casings are a real time saver in assembly.


Metal door casings reinforce constructions where panels or walls benefit from extra sturdiness.


With a metal door frame, you also benefit from acoustic insulation, fire resistance and better intruder defence.


Metal door linings do not contain any cracks or cavities, preventing foreign bodies from lodging in the walls (as opposed to wooden door trims).


Your metal door trim can be installed at different times in the construction process.

Do you want to learn more about our metal door frames?


The perfect solution for you.

Plenty of benefits.

Although they’re known as door frames, door trims, door linings and door casings, one thing doesn’t change: metal door frames are always associated with modern design.

Classic metal door frames and fire-rated door frames, whether they’re one-piece welded door frames or knocked-down six-piece casings, whether they’re powder-coated, stainless steel or door frames for field painting , and no matter what the function, the installation method, the shape and design or the finish may be, all our products are created with the greatest of care, offering you a multitude of benefits.

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